Seed Block Wood Ground Feeder

Great for quail, this feeder is sturdy, well built AND a great price.  Quail like their feeders close to the ground and this unit keeps the see dry if you use loose seed.  This feeder received 4.8 out of 5 stars on, with over 50 customer reviews.

Most people say that after one or two years it is still going strong!  Sitting only 6 inches off the ground, this feeder attracts plenty of ground feeding seed eaters like Fox Sparrows, Juncos and Blue Jays. Fill it with black oil sunflower seeds and birds will have no trouble spotting from the air.

There is no assembly required for this sturdy feeder, just make sure you use it on level ground or even on your patio, etc. Great value for a feeder under $15. Made from Western Red Cedar, the wire mesh bottom allows for air flow in and around the seeds.



Not just for wild birds!  Some people use this feeder to keep squirrels away from your hanging bird feeders.  One person even uses it for chickens and goats.