Quail feeders, waterers

Quail feeders are generally used to sustain quail through periods of food shortages, increase and maintain quail numbers, aid in restocking programs and to congregate quail for easier hunting.

What are the issues with quail feeders?

Old South Quail FeedersOne of the huge issues with quail feeders in general is that they get robbed by non-quail (non-target species other than quail.)  The other item of concern is waste in general, but also moisture reaching the grain inside quail feeders resulting in food spoiling.

When feed gets moist/wet, it can lead to growth of toxic fungi.  Feeders that allow quail to actually stand inside can cause other issues ranging from disease spread to parasites.

Depending on the various quail feeder designs based on studies, some models can clog, some can cake.  Industrial/commercial feeders can run hundreds of dollars and weigh over 100lbs or more too.

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