Ground Platform Bird Feeder

With over 85 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, this dual purpose wooden ground feeder should last for years.  As with other ground bird feeders, place it low to keep all birds fed, even those that are too old or too young to push their way into the food line.  Spill over is picked up off the ground from right under this feeder.

The tray is ideal for dumping shells easily and can support even those ‘fat’ mourning doves that visit the patio.  This feeder overall has been reported as solid quality, great for feeding both birds and other ground rodents.

Dimensions are about 10×10 inches so it’s not too large.  One reviewer actually bought for chickens and it worked well for keeping treats off the ground!



This ground feeder, made of high quality cedar and rust free hardware, also features a hook that allows for hanging from a tree.  Keep the feeder on the ground using the hardware stand and attract wild birds, squirrels, even use it to feed chickens, dogs or cats!

The tray prevents bacteria due to the fact that it slides.  As with any feeder, it helps to clean every 2 weeks with water and mild soap.