Large Platform Feeder


If you are looking for a durable outdoor feeder that is friendly to the environment, look no further!  This green, large platform feeder won’t ever need to be painted because although it looks like wood, it’s made from recycled plastic.  Better yet, any moisture can simply drain through the mesh tray (powder coated metal.)

Feed the all types of ground birds, the deer, the turkeys and anything else nature throws its way.



Three raccoon feederThis one is easy…no wood, no paining, sturdy screen bottom….bottom line, it’s durable.  The design is simple, and maybe you’ve even thought of building one just like it yourself using wood and screen?  This ground feeder is great for direct feeding OR as a catch-all underneath another feeder for instance (one that is hanging above it.)  It’s the perfect size and a soothing color with strong, well joined pieces.  It’s even high enough for birds to walk under and find discarded food on the ground.

Oh, and strong?  It will hold up to THREE raccoons as you can see in the picture!