Little Giant 5 Gallon Waterer

This is the complete system with four nipples, 5 gallons of water to last over 10 days!

You can even purchase and 10 or 12 inch heating plate and NO setup required.  The cap on the lid is removable, and with over 50 customers rating it 4.5 stars out of 5, you can be sure you are getting a solid system.




Customer Testomonial:  The water stays clear and clean, and the buckets are easy to open and clean out when you need to; which isn’t very often. It’s easy to add apple cider vinegar through the opening on the top, and there are no worries that any of the parts will corrode or react to the ACV. I place my buckets on top of cement blocks and clip the chains to a hook above the bucket for stability. My chickens learned to use the nipples immediately. The red plastic and the sparkly metal pieces got their attention, and they were hooked when I made the water trickle out.”