Quail Books

Quail Books

Quail Books SelectionsWe’re going to take a look at several quail books related to management and research for all types of quail enthusiasts.

Yes, we take the time to read the reviews, jump into feedback of every sort before showing a quail book for consideration by our readers.

So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a look at some quail books!

Bobwhite Quail: Its Habits, Preservation, and IncreaseAs one reviewer remarked, whether you are a hunter, a biologist or just a general quail enthusiast, this book is a ‘must read’.

Many have claimed The Bobwhite Quail, though some information is indeed outdated, the ‘bible’ for literature in bobwhite quail.

If you are interested in game-birds, quail management, research, ecology or wildlife biology, this book is worth a look!

Published in 1978 and written by Herbert L. Stoddard (who also wrote Memoirs Of A Naturalist), this 559 page classic was rated 5 stars by its reviewers.

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