Quail Feeders

Chick Feeders

Quail FeedersTo the game breeder, quail feeders can many times cause issues.The issue is simply that game chick droppings traditionally get inside poultry chick feeders.

The result is not only unsanitary, but it’s unhealthy for the chick. What if droppings could be prevented from getting in the feed?

If this sounds like a familiar problem, we found just the quail feeder, developed and tested on a quail farm run by the people who make it. Easy to handle, easy to clean, what’s not to love?

4 Pack Game Chick Feeder from GQF provides an easy, even flow of feed that is also easily cleaned. And, because the material (plastic) is colorless, it’s cake to see feed levels without pulling the top off or even pulling the feeder out.

Want to know the feed level? Just look for the shadow on the sides of the feeder. With one quick look, you’ll know whether or not this quail feeder actually needs to be refilled.

What’s more, the feeder itself will actually fit in most game bird brooders. Each quail feeder holds 5 pounds of feed and the best part about this pack, it contains 4 feeders!

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