Quail Waterer Options

Quil Waterer PackThis quail waterer package from BriteTap is part of a bigger package that actually includes the BriteTap Chicken Waterer.

Though the technical name is ‘chicken’ waterer, this product is actually great for other small poultry such as ducks and quail…even baby chicks.

Quail and other birds have a natural instinct that BriteTap has played off of to attract chicks.

Notice the color of the water valves?  They are red, appealing to the natural instinct of chicks to peck at brightly colored objects.

Quail Waterer TankWorried about keeping the tank full?  This pack includes an auto-filler to draw water from the garden hose.

This means NO DAILY FILLING.  It means, well, take a vacation with no watering worries.

Before you hook up that hose however, make sure you are using a ‘drink safe’ garden hose, also sometimes labeled as ‘safe for potable water’.

Standard garden hoses contain toxins like lead.  These toxins are not only harmful to your chicks, but to you (should you eat their eggs and/or meat).

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Quail Waterer Stand Alone

Quail Waterer DemoIf you don’t need all that’s included in the watering pack above (the auto-filler, water tank and plugs), then just go with the quail waterer itself.

This unit provides water for up to 16 birds, keeping dirt and droppings OUT.  There are no filthy pans to clean either.  Good clean water will last for days!

Worried about chicks perching on top?  Don’t…this is prevented by simple proximity, and chick babies love it.

Start them as early with just the BriteTap quail waterer alone filled with water and placed above their cage.  Once they are older, hooking the quail waterer to a larger 5 gallon cooler (maybe even add a bit of apple cider vinegar) and you’ll be set for days (with no mess, just a fresh water supply).

If there is dripping initially, don’t panic, observe for 24 hours and the dripping should stop.  A few curious pecks and your birds will love it.

The best part?  BriteTap folks stand behind their product.  They are friendly and easy to communicate with, will even stand by to ship another unit if there are any issues at all!


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